Why we do what we do

The Bible tells us that God has set eternity
in the hearts of man
.  While the concept of
eternity is often hard to grasp and
comprehend, we know that each of us has a
short time on this earth by comparison.

As a result, we are all called to make the
best of this time by representing our Creator
and Savior rightly and faithfully.  We are
here to worship Him and do His good work,
according to His exciting plan for our lives.

We count it a privilege to sing together and
give an account -- through our music and
message -- for the hope that is in us.  All the
while knowing ... this is just the warm-up act
for the real eternity.

Are you wondering if you are set for
eternity?  Click
here to make sure.
Scott Ullsperger, Bass
Tim Riesterer, Tenor
Nathan Boyd, Lead
Rick Riesterer, Baritone
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